KPFP provide the full range of services from consultancy through design and installation to ongoing maintenance and servicing, to ensure that you get the right solution and that it continues to meet your needs throughout its working life.


As an approved LPCB Sprinkler Contractor, we are able to offer professional advice to consultants, architects and end users on: sprinkler systems, fire hydrants, hose reels, dry risers, and entire fire suppression systems.


various sprinkler heads with thermometer

When considering a new fire protection system it is first necessary to determine the fire hazard level in the building. This process considers factors such as: material used in construction, the occupancy level, the materials stored in the building, the processes performed in the building (and whether these processes include flammable liquids), ceiling heights, ease of egress, and the amount of floors and rooms.

Next the design area and design density must be considered. The design area is a theoretical space within the building that's considered the worst possible place where a fire can break out. Once determined as the highest risk area in the building, this area's risk level is usually applied to the entire building. Then the amount of water per square meter would be needed to put a fire out in the design area is calculated, in litres of water per minute. This helps determine the type of sprinkler heads, fire sprinkler design, and amount of water pressure needed.

Having completed the two tasks above, it becomes possible to determine which fire sprinkler installation and design would best meet the client's needs.

At KPFP we have vast experiencing of designing fire protection systems for a wide range of types of installation including: Gatwick Airport, the Old Bailey, the Tate Modern, and the Centrale shopping centre in Croydon. As a result, we are confident that we can make an excellent job of designing a suitable fire protection system to meet your particular needs.


It is essential that all systems and equipment is installed correctly to provide the protection you require. We are approved and continuously assessed by the LPCB to ensure that we are always able to install a reliable system that you can trust.


All systems need to be tested as part of commissioning and then at regular intervals throughout their life. We are approved by LPCB to carry out this testing.


We undertake the servicing & maintenance of all fixed fire systems as listed in accordance with current British Standards & Legislation.